Checked Bag or Carry On?

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Tips & Tricks

There is truly no greater debate for travelers than whether to check your bag or cram everything into a carry-on.
Now, before we go any further – I want to let you know, I am a die-hard carry-on supporter. I hate waiting at baggage claim after the flight, don’t like to worry about my luggage being looked through, and generally don’t pack more than I know I’ll need. In the past year, I’ve only checked baggage once, and that was for a two week trip and the bag was split between myself and a friend.


In my best-unbiased opinion, the type of luggage you bring with you really will depend on the length of your trip and the season. Since most of my trips are for extended weekends, I can get away with only utilizing a carry-on bag. However, I’m going on a week-long cruise next January and you can bet I’ll be checking a bag for that trip.


For longer trips or trips that require more layers to be packed, it makes the most sense to check a bag – unless you’re like me and am fine with layering up before your flights 😂 , However, for shorter or warm weather trips, you should be able to swing a carry-on!


When I travel, my absolute favorite carry-on to utilize is my Allpa 35L. It checks all my boxes for a quick trip. Not only does it have similar features to a suitcase (separate compartments, easy access points for small items) but it can convert to a backpack! This bag fit everything, including toiletries and my DSLR on a 4 day trip to Venice, plus I was able to bring back some smaller souvenirs back home!


One more thing I like about carry-on bags is that ever when you reach your destination, you don’t have to worry about lugging a large suitcase to your hotel, Airbnb, or hostel, which can be a pain. This is especially true with the Allpa or any travel backpack.


If you’re more of a checked bag type of traveler, I highly recommend not only investing in a hard body suitcase set, but also a small luggage lock for added safety. I recommend the Coolife Luggage Set. It comes in a lot of fun colors and is budget-friendly, which y’all know I love!




Whatever method you prefer, make sure to pack smart! Check out my Travel Essentials post so you don’t forget anything for your trip!