Moab or Bust

by | May 8, 2018 | United States

Living in Colorado is truly a blessing. It is so unbelievably close to so many places I never really thought I’d be able to visit for a weekend. Moab is an absolute dream, an oasis in the desert and a playground for anyone who loves the outdoors.


For this trip, we had six humans and eleven dogs with us. Yes, you read that right, eleven dogs. We were lucky enough to find a secluded campsite in the Manti La-Sal National Forest which is about a 20-30 minute drive east of Moab.


We arrived at the site around 7 PM Friday night, set up camp, got a fire going, cracked some beers and made dinner. After chatting and laughing around the fire, we all crawled into our tents to get some rest before our adventures on Saturday.


Going with the normal camp morning processes, we woke up, got some coffee going (aka heating water over the fire to make some instant Folgers), and started warming up our breakfast burritos. These burritos are really becoming a camping staple for us – they’re so easy to make and so delicious in the morning! After feeding the humans and the dogs, we started the drive down to Hunter Canyon to do a quick day hike and let the pups run off some energy.


This was quite honestly one of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on, the stark contrast between the canyon walls and the lush vegetation fed from the creek was absolutely breathtaking. Also – hot, very very hot, but beautiful nonetheless. The dogs absolutely loved doing zoomies in and out of the creek during the entire hike and by the time we got back to the cars, we were all spent. We really only hiked maybe a mile into the canyon because it was so warm, the trail itself is about 3.4 miles out and back.


Back at the campsite, we started another fire and got things going for the night – beer, food, more beer, the usual. We were surprised with a really quick rain shower, causing us all to retreat to the tents until the weather passed, but after that shower, we were shown one of the most breathtaking sunsets we had ever seen. The sky literally turned purple, purple y’all! We spent the rest of the evening soaking in that gorgeous sunset and laughing around the fire, once again, the usual camp stuff.


Sunday morning it was time to go home, we made more coffee, ate breakfast, loaded up the cars, and said a temporary goodbye to Moab, we’ll definitely be back.


*Dispersed camping in National Forests is usually free. Check the forest service website before camping to check for any fees.