Labor Day Do’s and Dont’s

by | Sep 7, 2018 | How To, Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t noticed by now – I’m a tried and true weekend warrior. Every year I plan out my holiday weekends; where I’m going, how I’m getting there, and how I can maximize my time there. I prefer to “ball on a budget” and that includes my PTO and sick leave.


Like nearly every other outdoorsy American, I spend Labor Day weekend in a tent. I’ve been camping over Labor Day for about as long as I can remember and at this point in my life, I feel like I’ve learned what to do and what not to do for holiday weekend camping trips. Please note that everyone’s experiences & preferences will be different, but this is what works for me!


    1. Always always always reserve a campsite months in advance or take the Friday prior to Labor Day off of work so you can snag a first come/first served site Thursday night (or early Friday morning if you want to live on the edge).
    2. Triple check fire bans in the area you’re camping in. This summer nearly the entire state of Colorado was in a fire ban. This is common for many states throughout the summer and fall. There are also multiple stages for fire bans, so make sure you understand what each stage means in the areas your in.
    3. While you’re triple checking things – triple check that weather forecast. This will help you pack accordingly with gear and clothing!
    4. Even if the weather says you’re going to be rain free – always plan for rain. I’m pretty sure 90% of Labor Day camping trips has resulted in rain, even if the forecast says nothing of the sort. It’s always safe to have a rain jacket handy.
    5. Avoid national parks like the plague. This is just a personal preference, but national parks are already incredibly busy, holiday weekends increase that traffic by at least 10 times.


I also always try to plan any hikes before I get to the campsite. This allows for maximum relaxation and much less time spent on your phone trying to figure out plans (if you have service)!