The Bucket List of Hikes – CO Version

by | Mar 8, 2019 | United States

Let me just start things with I love to hike. Every chance I get, I’m in the mountains exploring new trails and avoiding the indoors at all costs. The weekends I’m not traveling, are weekends spent outdoors.


We’ve all heard of the #52hikechallenge that gets people out on the trails and encourages them to do one hike per week. It’s a phenomenal challenge and has a great message behind it, plus if you’ve done it once already – they have separate challenges to participate in for your 2nd and 3rd times! It’s pretty badass.


Before I moved to Colorado, I didn’t do much in winter. I really suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder and would go tanning to get my vitamin D intake rather than go outside. Some winters I would rarely leave my apartment because it was just too hard. Quite frankly, it sucked. Since moving to Colorado, I still get small spurts of SAD, but not nearly as bad as it used to be and part of that reason is that I’m able to get outside more often. I can hike in Colorado in the winter whereas in South Dakota, with the average winter temperature hovering in the single digits, outside was a literal tundra and a hard pass from me.


So – in the spirit of getting you outside and doing probably the cheapest adventuring option out there, I present to you my 2019 hiking/backpacking bucket list. This list features hikes in Colorado only and since it’s March, I won’t be counting any hikes I’ve done in January/February. I’ll be crossing hikes off of my list as I do them so keep checking back, I’ll also be adding any hikes not listed to keep things up to date.