Winter is Coming

by | Nov 14, 2018 | United States

Winter is one of the most magical times of the year. The pups love it, I’m forced to love it thanks to them, and it truly shows you a completely different side of nature. Although we’ve had snow for the past few weeks, this past weekend was our first weekend truly spent in it! We planned a girls trip getaway a few months ago and the time had finally come for it to happen.


We were able to find an incredibly cute cabin through Airbnb and it was truly perfect. It was a simple and small cabin located in Grand Lake, CO, which is about 20 min from Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. Which means views for days and plenty of hiking options nearby. If you’re into skiing or snowboarding, it’s also just a short drive away from Winter Park!


We stayed at the cabin Friday – Sunday, spent the weekend eating all sorts of comfort food, mushing, playing games, and enjoying some cider whiskey by the fire. Let me tell you, a winter fire is probably my new favorite thing. Being so warm and being surrounded by the quiet snow was absolutely amazing. The whiskey may have also had something to do with it – but either way, 10/10 would do again.


Friday night after we all arrived, we ventured over to Lake Grandby to let the pups run around and so we could see the sunset. Colorado sunsets will never stop amazing me. The sun was actually setting behind us but it still turned the sky completely purple, yes purple. It was breathtaking. After sunset we went back to the cabin for to eat and play What Do You Meme, which if you’ve never played, you should. It is hysterical and had us all cracking up through the night!


We went out in search of somewhere to mush with the dogs Saturday morning and found a nice secluded area down Stillwater Pass. After running the dogs and having lunch back at the cabin, we went out in search of a hike. We quickly found out although there are many hiking options, because of the proximity to RMNP we were fairly limited with our pups. Most of the hikes either start, end, or at some point go through the park which means dogs are not allowed. Luckily we were able to find a “secret” location and a trail that was absolutely covered in fresh powder! The dogs went crazy running through the snow and wore themselves out completely. We spent Saturday night in front of the fire sipping the hot cider whiskey and chatting until we all were tired enough to go to bed.
We woke up Sunday morning to a heavy snow warning causing us to forego any possible hikes on the way back to town. We packed up our things and headed back to Denver to relax for the rest of the day.


This was probably the best way to spend the first big snow of the year, and I highly recommend checking out the area. If you’re interested in checking out a cabin through Airbnb – if you’ve never booked through them, you can click here to save yourself $40!